Health and wellness: the “chlorine free” Bormio spa

Health and wellness: the “chlorine free” Bormio spa

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In this article dedicated to wellness, we want to talk about a recent initiative taken by the Bormio Terme, a center specialized in spa treatments since 1920.

Located along the main road, at via Stelvio number 14, this spa has in fact decided to make the water of their pools “chlorine free”, ie eliminating the presence of this harmful chemical element.

Although it continues to be used as a disinfectant, it can produce aggressive effects on our skin, the more intense the longer and more frequent the exposure of a person to that substance.

Eczema and rash, dry skin, skin aging and variations in bacterial flora are just some of the possible effects caused by chlorine.

Not to mention the fact that it dries and fades the hair and causes eye irritation. And it is precisely for this reason that Bormio Terme, in order to offer a relaxing but above all healthy experience to its customers, has taken such an important decision: to eliminate chlorine from the thermal waters.

No unpleasant odor will greet you on arrival, and will not cause allergies or other problems to your health.

Bormio Terme is chlorine free: and now you will only hear the natural fragrance of the thermal water.

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