Baking lessons: the pumpkin pie

Baking lessons: the pumpkin pie

Dear inbormio friends, welcome back to another appointment of “in the kitchen with Debora“!

This Autumn is giving us warm sunny days to be exploited by collecting chestnuts in the woods.

In the late afternoon then, once the sun sets, who does not like to retreat to his own house, in front of the fireplace, sipping a cup of hot tea accompanied by an exquisite slice of pumpkin pie…

What are you saying? Don’t you know how to make a pumpkin pie?

Don’tworry, take a pen and paper and check out our secret recipe! Have fun!


  • 250 g of pumpkin
  • 300 g 00 flour
  • 4 eggs 180 g almond flour
  • 110 ml seed oil
  • 100 ml milk
  • 180 g sugar
  • 1 packet of vanilla yeast
  • powdered sugar

To start preparing pumpkin pie and almonds you must first devote yourself to the pumpkin, which you will have to deprive the outer skin, seeds and inner filaments and then reduce into small cubes that you have to add in a mixer. Try to make cubes more or less all the same size but without much precision because everything will be blended along with other ingredients. In fact, to the pumpkin cubes inside the mixer, you must also add the seed oil and the milk. Operate the mixer for about a minute so as to obtain a well-velvety cream. If there are still some coarse pumpkin pieces, continue the processing until you have achieved the desired result. Put aside for a moment and then dedicate yourself to the eggs. It is important that the eggs are at room temperature so leave them out of the refrigerator for at least half an hour before starting the preparation. First of all separate the yolks from the whites. The egg whites will be whipped and firmly put aside while you are going to me to the yolks that instead you will have to work with the sugar so as to form a thick and airy cream.

To this you must add the puree prepared previously with the pumpkin.

Mix everything well so that all the ingredients mix perfectly and then add the almond flour and the 00 flour, which is always advisable to sift to avoid the formation of lumps.

When incorporating the dry ingredients to an aerated compound it is always good to sift them to prevent lumps from remaining inside the mixture and thus ruining the final result and consequently your cake. Also mixed these ingredients you can also add the yeast, sifting this too so as to be sure of having a really perfect result. It’s time to add the egg whites using a spatula.

Incorporate with very delicate movements of the top down so as to be sure to continue to add air inside the mixture and do not disassemble the yolks and egg whites you have previously assembled.

At this point you will have obtained a well homogeneous mixture that you will have to transfer inside a 26 cm diameter cake tin previously greased and floured. Alternatively you can also decide to line the cake pan with baking paper, which you can fix on the bottom and sides using a small amount of butter. Once the mixture has been poured the cake will be placed in preheated oven at 170 ° C for 40 minutes or until it is golden brown on the surface. It will be important to do the toothpick test before churning out your cake to make sure you have a perfect cooking even inside. Insert a toothpick in the center of the cake and extract it: if it is dry it is a sign that your cake is ready; while it still contains traces of dough, continue cooking for a few more minutes until you have a perfect result.

Once ready the pumpkin and almond cake will be baked and left aside to cool on a wire rack until it is perfectly cold. Only at this point can you turn it over and decorate the surface.

If you wish, you can use special stencils to create special patterns on the surface of your cake or you can make them yourself using baking paper.

So you just have to serve the cake to your guests!

Good luck!